FEDbizUP provides an outsourced business development solution to help small businesses grow.

20+ years of experience on your side

FEDbizUP recognizes that small businesses need help growing – especially when it comes to sales and business development. A typical business development professional can be expensive and require overhead and benefits that can be overwhelming for a small business to take on. Founder, Haley Schmidt, created the FEDbizUP model to work for small businesses so they can get the benefit of multiple years of experience, a solid strategy, and access to an extensive network in order to grow their business at an affordable cost.

How we work

Founded in 2013, FBU underwent a transformative shift in 2017 when Haley Schmidt pioneered an innovative outsourced model for her business. Drawing upon over two decades of expertise in business development, management, and strategy, Haley’s vision was clear: to empower small B2B enterprises to thrive. At the heart of this model lies the dedication to fostering growth for businesses. Through meticulous attention to detail and a personalized approach, FBU places an Outreach Coordinator directly on the account. These skilled professionals reach out to each lead personally, initiating meaningful connections and securing qualified meetings for our clients. Our Outreach Coordinators are carefully selected from FBU’s extensive network, comprising freelancers, stay-at-home parents, unemployed workers, graduates, and retirees, all through trusted referrals. This ensures a team of passionate individuals committed to driving success for every client. Over the past seven years, Haley and her team have collaborated with companies across diverse industries, guiding them to expand their existing business, forge new relationships, and diversify their product or service offerings. With a track record of proven results, FBU stands as a beacon of support for businesses seeking sustainable growth and lasting success.

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